Get Involved

The actions on this page are by no means exhaustive, but they address some of the biggest impacts we make on this planet. And you may be surprised to discover that saving the planet doesn’t have to mean giving up the things that you love, but just making some lifestyle changes.

Eat Wisely

  • Say No to Shark Fin
  • The Singapore Seafood Guide
  • Choose Sustainable Seafood
  • Only Buy What you Eat

Switch off for Earth Hour

Go Green

  • Save Paper
  • Recycle
  • Choose Good Wood
  • Set Your Aircon at 24oC or Higher
  • Buy Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Switch your Lighting
  • Switch Off
  • Travel Light
Giant pandas, panda 
© Susan A. MAINKA / WWF
Da Di and Jia Lin play together in the Wolong Research & Breeding Centre, China
© Susan A. MAINKA / WWF