Sustainable Banking

Banks are key enablers for ASEAN countries to achieve both their Sustainable Development Goals and commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Jeanne Stampe, Head, Asia Sustainable Finance, WWF

We work in partnership with banks, regulators and banking associations throughout ASEAN to develop policies and guidelines that are aligned with environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices. Through this work, we strive to support regional banks in linking the cost-of and conditions-to-access capital with sustainable outcomes that are aligned to the SDGs.

Engagement with Regulators

We work with regulators and banking associations throughout ASEAN to support the development of sustainable banking guidelines.

Capacity Building

We have trained over 2300 professionals in ASEAN banks on best practices in ESG integration.

Green Financial Solutions

We work with FIs to jointly develop innovative financial solutions using science based ESG standards that translate into measurable on-the-ground impact.

Thought Leadership

We have published numerous reports and guides on integrating ESG into finance sector activities, most recently our 2018 report, “Sustainable Banking in ASEAN”. We also collaborate with a number of science-based organizations to develop tools for financial institutions, such as the Soft Commodity Risk Platform (SCRIPT) Policy Benchmarking Tool.