What is the Rewrap Project?

Rewrap Project aims to promote the habit of reusing and repurposing paper. By using certified sustainable paper (by the Forest Stewardship Council) or used newspapers as a choice for your gift wrapping, you are helping to ensure no deforestation. 
You will also help reduce paper waste. Last year, people in Singapore contributed to about one million tonnes of paper waste. That’s 17 million trees, 32,000 kilogrammes of atmospheric pollution and thousands of animal lives that could have been saved!
Have your gifts wrapped in used newspapers or FSC-certified paper instead of non-sustainable wrapping papers to further spread our message!

What is FSC-certified paper? Why is it so important?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. FSC certification helps forests thrive for generations to come, and is the environmentally responsible choice you can make at your local supermarket, bookstore, retail outlet and beyond. FSC is a global not-for-profit organisation that sets global standards for responsibly managed forests, both environmentally and socially.

How to get involved?

1) Volunteer
Want to do your part for the campaign? Volunteer with us by signing up here

2) Bring your gifts to any one of our roadshows to get them wrapped!



Transamerica Life Bermuda (TLB) is partnering up with WWF-Singapore in the Rewrap Project and aims to increase top-of-mind awareness about the threats of deforestation and forest conservation efforts. All funds raised will go to support WWF’s conservation projects.

This project with WWF is in-line with TLB’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy, TLB Inspire, which focuses on three key pillars - sustainability, innovative efforts and community outreach.